Stories of Cancer and Hope

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Stories of Cancer and Hope is a collection of stories brought together by Kevin Donaghy from people affected by cancer. Each story is a lived experience of the impact of the disease and by sharing our stories, we hope to help people affected by cancer to feel that you are not alone.
Hope is constant.

Stories of Cancer and Hope was launched in May 2023. If you would like a hardback copy of the book please email

STV News Story, 29 May 2023. You can watch the footage above.

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Article in The Times, Saturday 10 June 2023. You can view a PDF of the article here.

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    Thank you so much for putting this book together - I am currently going through ‘scanxiety’ and reading the stories has really helped me and given me advice on how to stay hopeful and cope during this time!
    Bansri, UK
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    I just wanted to say how good this book is, it shows you’re not alone and as I know, never stop believing you can beat this monster.
    Andy, UK
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    I found this book to be well written, emotive, thought-provoking and an interesting insight into individuals and their cancer journeys. As someone fairly recently diagnosed with Melanoma, it has given me hope and inspiration. Thank you.
    John, UK
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    Stories of Cancer and Hope manages the high-wire feat of balancing between the tough reality of cancer and the hope that remains when a cancer diagnosis explodes in one’s life. Like a virtuoso conductor, Kevin Donaghy brings together (and joins) very different voices in harmony. Here, they each talk of their experience, expressing the hardships of cancer and singing the precious song of hope. These stories remind us that hope is about the present, not the future, and that it keeps shining through, as long as we keep our eyes open and don’t give up on it.
    Claude, UK
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    I love this book. It made me cry and smile many times and gave me hope when I felt down. I re-read some stories every now and again and it helps me to not feel alone.
    Alex, UK

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